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Wear Your Philosophy: Launch of New Organic T-Shirts for Men at MoOodMaker

by Rea Wicki 09 Oct 2023 0 Comments

Discovering organic t-shirts for men that combine aesthetics and ethics has never been so exciting. The union of art and fashion has the power to create unique pieces that transcend time and trends. At MoOodMaker, this fusion is at the heart of our new collection. By introducing these designs, we invite you to explore a world where each t-shirt is not just a piece of clothing, but a story, an emotion, and above all, a deep philosophy. Whether you're an art lover or simply looking for durable, meaningful pieces, this collection was designed with you in mind.

Discover our MEN’S T-SHIRTS

Historical Art Meets Modern Philosophy: The Shamsa Men's Organic T-Shirt

Design of the Shamsa Men's Organic T-shirt inspired by the Shahnama, fusing historical art and modern philosophy.

When you look at the Shamsa Men's Organic T-shirt, you are immediately transported on a journey through history. Its design is inspired by the Shahnama, the famous Persian epic that has influenced culture and art for generations. But it's not just a reinterpretation; it's a merger. The Shamsa T-shirt skillfully combines the ancient with the modern, recalling the importance of roots while embracing the present.

The richness of Persian history

Every pattern, every line, every curve of the design resonates with the richness of Persian history. It's not just about carrying a piece of history, but living its philosophy. By wearing it, you celebrate the notion that happiness is not a destination, but the journey itself, influenced by ancient and modern wisdom. It's a choice, a way of life, and this t-shirt reminds you of this powerful truth every time you wear it.

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Japanese Art at Your Service: “Happiness – A State of Mind”

Men's organic t-shirt with patterns inspired by Japanese art reflecting the philosophy of inner happiness.

Japanese art, with its delicate details and deep symbolism, is a window into a culture that reveres harmony, respect and contemplation. This t-shirt is an ode to this tradition. Drawing inspiration from Japanese motifs, it serves as a poignant reminder that life, with all its complexities, is beautiful in its simplicity.

Finding calm in chaos

Japan has always taught us the importance of finding calm in chaos, and this design embodies that perfectly. Every detail, from the placement of patterns to the color palette, is an invitation to reflection and meditation. By putting on this t-shirt, you are getting closer to an ancient philosophy which advocates that happiness is not found in material possessions, but in the appreciation of small moments and in the constant quest for balance.

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Think Outside the Box: The 'Out Of The Box' T-shirt with Rodin's The Thinker

Men's organic t-shirt highlighting Rodin's The Thinker, symbolizing free and original thought.

Contemplation, introspection, depth of thought — all of this is encapsulated in the image of Rodin's The Thinker.

Invitation to dive into the abyss of the human spirit

This iconic statue has always been synonymous with depth, questioning and an endless exploration of the abysses of the human spirit. The design of this t-shirt captures this spirit and invites you to challenge the norms, to think innovatively. But it goes beyond simple artistic representation. By merging the image of the thinker with the idea of ​​thinking "outside the box", this t-shirt becomes a hymn to originality and audacity. It celebrates individuality and the power of independent thought. Every time you wear this item, you will be reminded of the importance of curiosity, intellectual exploration and the desire to see beyond appearances. It's not just a t-shirt, it's a statement, or who knows, maybe even a rallying cry for everyone who values ​​freedom of thought.

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Men's Organic T-shirts With Ecological Commitment

Ethical fashion goes beyond just trends; it represents a conscious approach towards a more respectful and harmonious future with our planet. By choosing materials like organic cotton, we opt not only for unparalleled softness on the skin, but also for agriculture without harmful pesticides, thus preserving soil and ecosystems. When you choose one of these t-shirts, you're making more than a fashion choice: you're making a decision that resonates with your desire to protect the Earth. With every thread, every stitch, you feel MoOodMaker's commitment to responsible production. It is a fusion of quality, comfort and durability. Wear this t-shirt knowing that you are not sacrificing style for ethics, but bringing them together harmoniously.

These t-shirts are not simple pieces of fabric. They are witnesses to our history, our values ​​and our aspirations. With each design, you connect to an era, a culture, a philosophy and, above all, a commitment to our planet. They remind you that you have the power to make a difference, to choose consciously and to walk proudly with your convictions. By wearing them, you are not just wearing a piece of clothing, but you are enveloping your body with powerful messages, timeless art and deep ethics.

Ready to assert your philosophy, embrace art in all its forms and advocate for a greener future? Immerse yourself in this new collection on and let yourself be carried away by the magic of art, philosophy, and ecological commitment fused into an exceptional piece of fashion.

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SECTION 17 - INTÉGRALITÉ DE L'ACCORD Le fait que nous n'exercions pas ou n'appliquions pas un droit ou une disposition des présentes conditions d'utilisation ne constitue pas une renonciation à ce droit ou à cette disposition. Les présentes conditions d'utilisation et toute politique ou règle d'exploitation que nous publions sur ce site ou concernant le service constituent l'intégralité de l'accord et de la convention entre vous et nous et régissent votre utilisation du service, remplaçant tous les accords, communications et propositions antérieurs ou contemporains, oraux ou écrits, entre vous et nous (y compris, mais sans s'y limiter, toutes les versions antérieures des conditions d'utilisation). Toute ambiguïté dans l'interprétation des présentes conditions de service ne doit pas être interprétée à l'encontre de la partie qui les a rédigées.

SECTION 18 - PAIEMENT La livraison s’effectue au moment de la commande. Le règlement contre facture n’est pas accepté. MoOodMaker accepte comme moyen de règlement les cartes de crédit, les cartes Maestro, Apple Pay et Google Pay. Le paiement est également possible au moyen d'un bon d'achat. Un seul bon d'achat peut être utilisé par commande. Les bons ne peuvent être combinés sous aucune forme.

SECTION 19 - DROITS D’AUTEUR SUR LES DESIGNS IMPRIMÉS, EXEMPTION DE RESPONSABILITÉ a) Si le client transmet un motif personnel ou prend de l’influence sur le produit (personnalisation textuelle), il assure à MoOodMaker que le texte et le motif sont exempts de droits de tiers. Dans ce cas, d’éventuels violations des droits d’auteur, de la personnalité ou du droit au nom incombent totalement au client. Le client assure également qu’il n’enfreint aucun autre droit de tiers en individualisant le produit. b) Le client exemptera MoOodMaker de toute exigence et de tout droit invoqués pour cause d’infraction de tels droits de tiers. Le client rembourse à MoOodMaker tous les frais de défense et autres dommages engendrés.

SECTION 20 - DROIT APPLICABLE Les présentes conditions de service et tout accord séparé par lequel nous vous fournissons des services sont régis et interprétés conformément au droit suisse.

SECTION 21 - MODIFICATIONS DES CONDITIONS DE SERVICE Vous pouvez consulter la version la plus récente des conditions de service à tout moment sur cette page. Nous nous réservons le droit, à notre seule discrétion, de mettre à jour, de modifier ou de remplacer toute partie des présentes conditions de service en publiant des mises à jour et des modifications sur notre site web. Il vous incombe de vérifier régulièrement si des modifications ont été apportées à notre site web. La poursuite de l'utilisation ou de l'accès à notre site web ou au service après la publication de toute modification des présentes conditions de service constitue l'acceptation de ces modifications.

SECTION 22 - INFORMATIONS DE CONTACT Les questions relatives aux conditions de service doivent nous être adressées à l'adresse suivante : Nos coordonnées sont indiquées ci-dessous : MOOODMAKER Rue des Fontenailles 11 CH-1007 Lausanne +41/(0)78/796.91.96

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